“My battle scars are beauty marks

I turn into books.” ~Robin

About the author

Robin Smith is the founder of Tabahani Fragrances, an online Christian-based perfume boutique. She is a retired Air Force veteran, certified Life Coach and the host of Perfume Ink, a Women’s Discipleship Podcast. In addition, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and perfecting her archery skills. She believes ice cream should be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Robin resides in Houston, Texas with her son.

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What I Write

My writing is personable. I write from experience. You'll feel like we're having a conversation. It's great when someone "gets it" so whether you perceived a big sis talk and tough love, or a high five and a hug, it's coming from a real place.


I write primarily in the in-between and expose the fine print. I deliver writing that is edgy and unexpected. What you get from me is writing that is transformative, empowering and can be used to bless you and your life right where you are.


I write what I know and have experienced, not from a victim mentality, but a victor mentality. My writing is the by-product of resiliency. I am not my yesterday. I write from a place of victory. It is my hope that when the last word is read, readers have resonated with book leaving better than before the first chapter with clarity and composure.


Woman Reading Book at Home

"When I came across “Discover Your Signature Fragrance In Christ: A 31 Day Bible Study," I did not know what to expect; but after reading the first five sections in five days, I felt so connected to the book, and I couldn't put it down!"

Kibi W.

"With wit and comedy, ...the author’s charisma... is captivating with relatable connotations...Robin T. Smith has a distinct ability to capture an audience."

Julia Davis

What readers are saying

"I not only found it to be so detailed but with great grace and authority to help others. I'm a guy, but the principles can apply to anyone."

Dennis Perkins

"The author speaks from the heart and writes in a way that makes me sense she would be wonderful to hear speak in person."

Kelly S.

"...wry humor and straight forward commentary, it will lift the spirit with its uniqueness...The way Ms. Smith used the uthenism and history of perfume and its uses to strenghtening your faith, was ingenous."

African Americans on the Move Book Club

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Reservation for One

31 Days of Loving You

Faith Receipts

My Journal of How God Showed Up and Showed Out

Black Women Read

A Sketched Coloring Book

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Sis, Get Free

of the Negative Emotions

Sis, Your Child's Father Gets on Your Last Nerve?!

How to Co-Parent

With a Difficult Dad

The Hobosexual Chronicles

How to Stop Enabling This Epidemic

A Guide for Single Women

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Discover Your Signature Fragrance in Christ

A 31 Day Bible Study

Faith and Fragrance

A 31 Day Women's Devotional

Perfumed Letters

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The Fragrance Journal

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Melanin Matriarch

I Am My Mother's Daughter


Love Letters to My King

From His Queen



How to Overcome

Black Girl Jealousy

Melanin Matriarch

Honey Butter

Melanin Refresh

Affirmations for Black Women

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digital downloads

Perfume Ink, the blog is now a devotional and Bible study series! Perfume Ink teaches women how to

develop a more intimate relationship with God, through the fragrance of His word. Learn how to wear the fragrant aroma of Christ in every area of life, what scents to avoid, be inspired by Biblical 'perfumistas' and their testimonies and so much more!

Amazing for individual devotion and study, but great for small women's group study too! Share with a friend, prayer partner, or any woman of God you know.

perfume inK series kingdom beauty and style

Featured Fragrance: Worship

The Experience, Essence and Expectancy of Worship

*18 page e-book


Featured Fragrance: Love

The Experience of Something You Didn't Sign Up For

*14 page e-book


Featured Fragrance: Faith

Beautify My Sanctuary

*15 page e-book


perfume ink series

kingdom beauty and style

Featured Fragrance: Prayer

Spiritual Maintenance

*11 page e-book


Featured Fragrance: Ecclesia

The Refined Character

of a Godly Woman

*12 page e-book

Be unique

Featured Fragrance: The Garden

Savoring the Alone Time

*13 page e-book

getaway with god in a garden

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